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David at his desk in Boquete, Panama

David Duty at his villa in
Valle Escondido, Boquete, Panama

My Mission

Every successful futures and options trader has started with the basics first. Without the proper foundation, you won’t be successful. My primary focus is to give you a strong foundation by teaching youTechnical Analysis, Money Management, and Risk Control.

I have the #1 Rated course to learn how to trade futures and have been teaching people just like you since 1997. I have students in 37 countries around the world.

I have a Daily Live Trading Room that is available to all our students to follow along and learn how to trade. All trades are LIVE, in real time using the methods taught in our courses, weekly Webinars, Bootcamps, and Mastermind Events. You are invited to join us.

Lan Turner from Gecko Software

Lan Turner
Founder of Gecko Software

David is not simply the author of a book; David has turned his vast trading knowledge and experience into an educational course, loaded with examples, charts, and in-depth detailed personal experiences.

David is truly a genius at work, and it is an honor to be associated with him, his course work, and his materials. Anyone who might have the opportunity of spending time with David, and learn from one of the masters, is certainly in for a knowledgeable and pleasurable experience.

Steve Nison who is the #1 author on Candlestick Charting

Steve Nison - Introduced Candlestick Charts
To The West 
Best Selling Author

“There is a Japanese proverb, ‘a book gives knowledge, but it is experience that gives understanding’. Your real world experiences, so well presented in your commodities course, should benefit anyone who reads it. It is one of the most comprehensive courses I have ever seen and it’s a great value for the money”.

Raghee Horner a top trader in Florida

Raghee Horner 
Fulltime Trader 
Author & Trading Instructor

Each topic was very thoroughly covered. I also feel that your choice of the technical analysis selections was right on. It's taken me YEARS, not to mention thousands of hard-earned dollars, to learn what you are offering your students. I am very pleased with this course. The foundation is in place to really bring something new to traders. Your chosen direction is right on the mark.

What Industry Leaders Have To Say


Peter L.
Denver, CO USA

I'll take this opportunity to drop you a word of thanks for a ton of knowledge I picked up in your class. I am a full-time trader, and in my three years of trading with a lot of hours and money invested and lost in numerous courses, nothing beats your course. The truth of the matter is it's very easy to understand and if you apply the concepts learned, there is no reason why one shouldn't have the competitive edge required to trade efficiently. In my case, it is everything I've always searched for.

One of my students in his backyard

Fred B.
Spruce Grove, Alb. Canada


I just want to thank you for what I have learned from your options and futures courses.  Its friggin’ amazing!  Follow the steps and you win (most of the time).   I have been lurking around a couple of online forums watching and listening to what others are doing… man there are some morons out there.  I laughed at one comment (posted an LOL at a guy).  He came unglued lol.  I don’t go to that forum anymore… only value is negative.  Some of these so called brokers just amaze me… how do they stay in business with some of the outlandish recommendations they make?

Godwin E.
London, England

As stated earlier on the phone.
I am a green horn in options and futures and have read several literatures online but none of them have given me a good understanding of the subject matter.

I really like your online course. It is very easy to understand as it reads like a discussion and not a boring theoretical text book, I believe this is what a lot of writers are missing out. The book tends to make the most difficult concepts seem really simple with your diction used.
Again, the fact that you add a video after every topic just makes a world of difference for me.

My Blips Course Slide Show

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