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David Duty - Trader Since 1995 Teaching Since 2001

My first course, Common Sense Commodities, was written in 2001 and was rated the #1 course on the market to learn to trade. It's been completely updated several times since then including all the videos.

I've written two other courses and have done seminars around the world in the USA, Canada, England, Brazil and Panama with other industry leaders, like Steve Nison, Jake Burnstein, Lan Turner and others.


  • $495
  • 4 payments of $135

Common Sense Commodities

  • Course
  • 128 Lessons

I started trading back in 1995 and thought I would "get rich overnight" because the $200 course i bought from a cigar smoking cowboy told me could. That was a $20,000 lie because that's how much I lost in about 90 days. You may have experienced something like this in your life too.

I looked at it like this, if I lost $20,000 then someone else made $20,000. I just had to figure out what they were doing right and what I was doing wrong.

I took the next two years reading every book on commodity trading as well as attended my seminars and workshops around the country.

Then one day the lightbulb turned on. Finally, I knew what to do. that was over 25 years ago.

After reading all the books, courses, and seminars I attended I decided I could do better; after all it was just "common sense".

This course was rated the #1 course to LEARN to trade commodities and it's been upgraded several times with all new videos.

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  • $395
  • 4 payments of $115

Common Sense Options

  • Course
  • 86 Lessons

At first options were very confusing for me.

It seems like everyone was just saying buy a Call and you make money if the prices goes up or buy a Put and you make money if the price goes down.

My friend, this is a half-truth at best. I can tell you if this is what you think option trading is all about, then you really need to take a look at this course.

Once again common sense prevails and my students tell me that it's the best course I've ever written.

There are so many different ways to trade options. There are many different strategies of Bullish markets, Bearish Markets, as well as Flat markets.

I've included over 80 lessons that cover all the major strategies that you might want to trade, such as straight options, spreads, covered Calls and Puts and a lot more.

Have you ever been on the wrong side of a trade, losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars? Then you really need to take this course because I have an entire section entitled "Between a Rock and a Hard Place".

Many of my students tell me that I priced this course for much less than it's worth and it should cost $1,000, not $295.00.

Take a look and see what you think. Click on Learn More for a course preview.

  • $295
  • 3 payments of $110

Common Sense Candlesticks

  • Course
  • 89 Lessons

Candlestick Charts were new to me when I first started trading back in 1995. I was introduced to them in the early 2000s by Steve Nison who is responsible for introducing Candlestick charting to the West.

Steve and I did a seminar in Atlanta, GA over 20 years ago and it took me a long time to get a handle on how to trade using Candlestick charts.

I spent the better part of a year putting together this course that is easy to understand yet comprehensive at the same time. There are hundreds of graphs, charts and videos. There are 89 lessons that show you the importance of candlesticks to enter and exit a trade. Probably the best thing you will learn is when to NOT place a trade. After all it's much better to be out of a trade that you wish you were in than in a trade wishing you were out.

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Blips Course (FREE)

  • Course
  • 1 Lesson

I discovered Blips back over 25 years ago. They will be of tremendous help in letting you know when trends might change. This is a Power Point Slideshow. Download it and feel free to share it with anyone that you think might be interested. You can also just click on the link and watch it in your browser.

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Volume & OBV Course - FREE

  • Course
  • 21 Lessons

If you aren't aware of how important these two indicators are then you really need to take this course. I wrote it to help my students understand when a market is in a strong trend and when the trend is weaking. Everyone knows that a strong trend can be much more profitable than a weak trend. But how do you know if it's strong or weak? This course will answer those questions for you. And it's FREE for now.

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How To Create A Trading Journal In Notion (Free Download)

  • Download
  • 1 file

The best way to improve your bottom line is to keep a comprehensive trading journal. I spent several months creating a great trading journal. It's easy to use but will allow you to a detailed history of your trades. You can add graphs, your reasoning behind putting the trade on, which markets are most profitable for you and a whole lot more. Also, it's completely customizable and for a limited time only it's FREE.

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