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Common Sense Options

Common Sense Commodities course cover

Common Sense Options was written with the sole purpose of teaching someone to trade options for a living or to increase one's profits in the Futures markets. It does this extremely well.

If you have ever wanted to learn to trade options in the past or if you are just looking to add options to your trading strategy then Common Sense Options is just what you have been looking for.

Trading options doesn't have to be difficult even though some educators try to impress you with how much they know by complicating something that is in reality pretty easy to learn.

What I am going to impress you with is how fast you are going to learn how to trade options and how much money can be made trading them if done correctly. After all, isn’t that what’s really important for you?


Are there risk trading Options? Of course, and anyone who tells you it's not is lying to you. Now here's something that is true. You are able to control your risk trading Options in many different ways.

First I start out with the concept that you don’t even know what options are, much less how to trade them. Then I show you several different very simple Option strategies that can you start using on day one to make money.

Then the fun stuff starts. I’m going to teach you how to use Options along with Futures to increase your reward potential while at the same time reducing your risk on those trades. Well, if that sounds too good to be true it’s really not. (Read that again!)

You are going to find that options give you more trading opportunities than you ever dreamed of. If you are like most people, you look at a chart and see what you think is a great trade set up but there is just too much risk. Not anymore!





This Course Is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen Before

This Course Will Teach You How To Trade Any Market With Less Risk

I don’t care what market you are trading, or if the market is going up, down, or even sideways, you will now be able to trade it and trade it with less risk, and often with even more potential profits.

I’m going to teach you dozens of different strategies that will allow you to trade any market at any time and without any of the complicated techno-jargon, you might have seen in other courses.

Not only have I made this course easy to understand, I’ve also made it fun! To be honest, how many trading courses have you seen that were actually fun to take? Well, this one is!


The course consists of 20 Chapters with Quizzes to make sure you are understanding what I'm teaching you. It also has 48 videos that show you exactly how each of the strategies work in the real markets.

I was getting frustrated that my trades weren't working out overall, so I went to the seminar to try to find out why. It was very helpful, and I discovered some of the mistakes I was making. David was eager to answer our questions and give us his time 'round the clock. The options day was great too. I have always shied away from options, because I didn't understand them. They are actually a great way to go in many markets, and a needed strategy for my account. Thanks David. Just the networking alone was worth it.

Zachery R. Boulder, CO USA


Lan Turner
Founder - Gecko Software

The author gives you his phone number and even answers his own phone when you call.

I bought this course several years ago, it is one of the best courses on options on futures I've ever read. I'm a visual investor, I love to see charts, and pictures, and not just a bunch of words on a page.

If you're like me, you'll love David's course, it's not just another "me too" book on options, this is a real course, with lots of charts, lots of examples, and lots of additional resources to help you understand difficult concepts that many traders simply ignore, because it's never been explained to them in understandable terms. David has a way of bringing hard concepts into light, with simple examples and understandable language.

The best part of this course is that the author gives you his phone number, you can call him and he's always willing to talk you through any concept or chapter that you might have questions with...he's truly one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and he never makes you feel like you're wasting his time, no matter how silly you might think your question.

If you've ever thought about trading options on futures, this is the only book/course you'll need.

Mac Review

Common Sense Options Makes Difficult Concepts Understandable . . . .


I can only reiterate the glowing remarks that others who gave this course a five-star review have made. Along with other courses that David has authored, I was one of the first to purchase his Common Sense Options course. David doesn't just sell courses--he follows through with his time. He considers each person who purchases his course, his student, and he personally cares about each and every student. In order to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the concepts involved in charting and trading commodities and options, David goes the second mile to give you access to all videos and notes that pertain to his courses, and he is always available to answer any questions that you may have. He is a born teacher and trainer, and I consider his courses basic to laying a solid foundation for your lifelong trading experience, be it in commodities or stocks.

An excellent down-to-earth understanding of Options Trading.


I have taken several options courses but never really developed a good understanding of just exactly how options worked in the real world. This was something that I just couldn't quiet get a handle on. After taking David's Common Sense Commodities course I decided to go ahead and take his Common Sense options course as well. Am I glad I did! He presents options in a realistic down to earth way. He illustrates with humor, and realistic examples. Like his Common Sense Commodities course he includes videos of each concept he presents. So one does not only get understanding thru the written word, but also thru a visual presentation. He is a very personable and genial kind of guy. Generous with his time and expertise, I have found him to be an excellent mentor. I would highly recommend this course to not only the beginning trader but also to the more experienced trader as well.

"Who Is David Duty And Why Is He Qualified To
Teach You How To Trade Options?"

Reason #1: I become a Licensed Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)

I registered as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) in 1999 and I was licensed with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) which meant, I had to adhere to their strict rules and regulations. I've never had a single complaint either!

Most educators are not CTA's. It's usually because of their unsavory marketing strategies which would stop them from making the bogus claims they rely on to sell their products or that they just don't know enough about trading and couldn't pass the test. 

Reason #2: After surveying hundreds upon hundreds of my students in over 37 countries (from novice to advanced traders), a whopping 100% said they liked my course(s) BETTER than any other course(s) they had taken!

That kind of customer satisfaction is unheard of. In fact, I don't know of another course, let alone a trading course, where satisfaction is so high.

Look; if people did not like me or my course(s) there would be all kinds of negative comments about me or the course. Search the Internet and you will not find even one complaint about me or my courses. I don't know of any other author/teacher that can make that claim.

Reason #3: My Students Get Phone And Private Webinar Support With Me Personally!

Unlike most other trading "Mentors", I answer my own phone. I don't sell my course and then leave you high and dry to fend for yourself. You get one-on-one phone support with me anytime you feel that you need it. And it's not a group conference call either. It's just you and me on the phone. And the best part? I have a USA phone number that rings me right here in Panama, so no long-distance calls from the USA or Canada. Outside the USA or Canada, we can talk via Skype. If you need it, we can always do an online meeting together too, share screens and charts so I can answer your questions and talk in the meeting room.

You also get my personal email address and access to my 'students only' forum. This means you're not only supported by me, but also by hundreds of other savvy traders (who are making a full-time income trading, after taking my course).

No other trading "expert" does this. They don't give out their personal email address to their customers.

You can also do a live chat with me while you are taking the course. I try to be available from about 10:00 AM till about 7:00 PM every day but Sunday. If those hours don't work you can always book a free 30-minute appointment with me. Book An Appointment Now

Reason #4: ​Currently, I am holding online Seminars throughout the year but ONLY for my existing students with limited access to between 10-15 people.


These events are also limited in the number of people who are allowed to attend. I do this for the same reasons I did for the live events; to keep them small and make sure that everyone gets their questions answered. 

Reason #5: I'm not going to feed you a bunch of BS and bogus claims. My results speak for themselves. Believe me, my course will improve your trading greatly. I have proven it in my personal account,  my live trading room, and so have my students. Check out the Blog Posts on Options.

David is not simply the author of a book; David has turned his vast trading knowledge and experience into an educational course, loaded with examples, charts, and in-depth detailed personal experiences.

David is truly a genius at work, and it is an honor to be associated with him, his course work, and his materials. Anyone who might have the opportunity of spending time with David, and learn from one of the masters, is certainly in for a knowledgeable and pleasurable experience.

Lan Turner photo

Lan TurnerFounder of Gecko Software, Author & University Professor

Raghee Horner who is a day trader

Rahhee Horner
Fulltime Commodities Trader, Author
Coral Springs, FL


Each topic was very thoroughly covered. I also feel that your choice of the technical analysis selections was right on. It's taken me YEARS, not to mention thousands of hard-earned dollars, to learn what you are offering your students.


I am very pleased with this course. The foundation is in place to really bring something new to traders. Your chosen direction is right on the mark.

"It's Everything I've Always Searched For"

"I am a full-time trader and in my three years of trading with a lot of hours and money invested and lost in numerous courses, nothing beats your course. The truth of the matter is it's very easy to understand and if you apply the concepts learned, there is no reason why one shouldn't have the competitive edge required to trade efficiently. In my case, it is everything I've always searched for."

Peter L (full-time trader)
Denver, CO USA

What's In This Course And Why Should I Buy It?

The Basics First: I firmly believe that everyone needs to start with the basics first so that's where I start. The are only two types of Options, Call Options and Put Options. But there are literally dozens of ways to use these them. 

Option strategies go from very simple, like buying a Put or a Call, to very complex strategies that involved buying AND selling multiply Options on the same contract.

They can all work, but like anything else, not all the time. Options Trading carries risks. I get emails from various "Gurus" trying to tell me they consistently have 90% wining trades using options. My friend, that's total bull crap.

Unlike straight Futures contracts, the are many different ways that you can use Options to minimize risk and maximize returns.

I'm also going to show you several ways that you can use Options along with Futures to reduce risk and increase potential rewards.

Below I'll show you a brief overview of what is in the course. Overall, I think the lessons are longer in this course than in the commodities course.

MAC - Amazon Customer

I can only reiterate the glowing remarks that others who gave this course a five-star review have made. Along with other courses that David has authored, I was one of the first to purchase his Common Sense Options course. David doesn't just sell courses--he follows through with his time. He considers each person who purchases his course, his student, and he personally cares about each and every student. In order to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the concepts involved in charting and trading commodities and options, David goes the second mile to give you access to all videos and notes that pertain to his courses, and he is always available to answer any questions that you may have. He is a born teacher and trainer, and I consider his courses basic to laying a solid foundation for your lifelong trading experience, be it in commodities or stocks.

Chapter 1: My experience with Options. I'm going to explain how I got started in Options, the mistakes I made, and how you how to avoid them. Also covered in this chapter is an introduction to using Options as part of your risk management strategy and setting up your business plan. This may sound really elementary, it's not it's crucial to your success. (Includes 6 lessons and 1 video)

Chapter 2: With Options, time is money because they all lose value over time. You are going to learn how to use this to your advantage. A little secret; I take advantage of this all the time to make some really good trades. (Includes three lessons and 1 video)

Chapter 3: What are strike prices and which one you should use and which ones to avoid and why. This is a really important lesson for you. It can save or make you much more money if you know which strike prices to use. (Includes two lessons and 1 video)

Chapter 4: A short lesson on all the common misconceptions about trading options. You can finally know what a misconception and what it the truth. (One long lesson)

Quiz For Chapter 1 - 4

Chapter 5: Getting Bullish or Bearish: In simple terms what it means to be Bullish or Bearish using Options. This is the base "lesson' for understanding how to use various options strategies. Short but important lesson. (Includes 2 lessons and 2 videos)

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Chapter 6: Using Options as Stops: In this short but very valuable lesson I'm going to show you how to use options to protect your position in the Futures market. This one strategy could save you tens of thousands of dollars. I assure you that you will complete this lesson and have one of those "wow, this is great" moments in your life. (Includes 1 lesson and 1 video)

Chapter 7: Fuzzy Math - It’s very important that you understand that an option will not increase in value, at the same rate a futures contract does. This doesn't mean that you can't make more money with an Option than a futures contract. Many times you can make just as much, or more than you can with a futures contract and in most cases, much less risk. (Includes 1 lesson and 1 video)

Quiz For Chapters 5 - 7

Chapter 8: Volatility: This plays a major role in determining the price of the Option. I'm going to show you how to find out if the Option is "cheap" or "expensive" and how to use this to your advantage. (Includes 3 lessons and 1 video)

Chapter 9: Block Scholes: Back in 1973 when the Chicago Board of Options Exchange opened, the floor traders started to implement the Black & Scholes model to get an idea of the fair market value of an option. Not an important lesson but it will help you know how it applies to Options valuation. (Includes 1 lesson)

Chapter 10: Time Decay: This is one of the most important things to understand about Options. This one lesson can make you more money with less risk than almost anything else I know of. (Includes 1 lesson and a video)

Chapter 11: Exiting a Trade - Something that you must learn is how to exit a trade that you are in. It's not like exiting a Futures position. It's not hard once you know what to do. Do it incorrectly and it can cost you a lot of money. (Includes 1 lesson and 1 video)

Chapter 12: Margins - This works differently than Margins in a Futures contract. There are a lot of things that will determine how much, if any, margin money you will need to put up to place the trade. It's really important for you to get a firm grasp on this. (Includes 1 lesson and 1 video)

Chapter 13: Projecting An Options Future Value: I know you would like to know what an Option is going to be worth "down the road". I'm going to show you how to do this. It's not hard and you don't need to be a math nerd either. (Includes 1 lesson and 1 video)

Chapter 14: Comparing Options To Futures: Sometimes it's like comparing apples to oranges and other times it's like comparing oranges to tangerines. I'm going to show you how to easily figure out if a Futures contact might work better than an Option would. Of course, that works both ways too. (Includes 1long lesson and 1 video)

Chapter 15: The Greeks - The Greeks are a collection of statistical values. 
They can tell you how an Option has been performing. I know I'm going to upset someone when I tell you that there is only one that I use consistently. (Includes 7 lessons and 1 video)


David, I'm in Chapter 7, There Will Come a Day, and at the point where you ask for feedback on the course.  Honestly, I am devouring it like a long-lost meal.  Options have always scared me!  I have read several publications on them trying to learn but nothing ever "clicked" the way this course does.  Looking forward to the gourmet part of the course! 

Rebecca Owensby Webb

Chapter 16: Bullish Strategies - This lesson is HUGE and could be its own course! I'm going to teach you every major Option strategy I know. If you know me then you know that I under-promise and over-deliver. I went overboard in this lesson. I can assure you that when you finish this lesson your trading will never be the same. I think you will want to review this lesson several times. (Includes 11 lessons, 8 videos, and a Quiz)

Chapter 17: Bearish Strategies - This lesson also is HUGE and could be its own course! It has all the Bearish Options Strategies that I use. Including the previous lesson, with this lesson along with the next lesson, you are going to be able to trade ANY market, ANY time. Includes 9 lessons, 7 videos, and a Quiz)

Chapter 18: Flat Market Strategies 
In this lesson you are going to learn all the various strategies to trade Options in a Flat market. Actually, this is one of my favorite ways to trade Options and since markets are not trending about 30% of the time you will have a lot more opportunities to trade Options in a Flat market. This is one of the best lessons in the course. (Includes 7 lessons, 4 videos, and a Quiz.)

Chapter 19: How To CYA - In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to Cover Your Assets. I bet you thought it was going to be something else, didn't you? I know that I've been on the wrong side of a trade before and it still happens sometimes. Actually, it happens to everyone; some more often than others. I have several strategies to do this and turn a bad trade into a well, not so bad a trade when it's said and done. This lesson alone can be worth 10 times what you pay for the course!

Chapter 20: Bonus Section - I have added what I think are some of the best advice from some of the best traders. Dozens of pages of great information and advice

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Take It For A Risk Free Test Drive

100 % money back guarantee

I'd like you to take "Common Sense Commodities" for a 30-day "test drive". Go through every lesson in my course. Study all 22 chapters. Take pages and pages of notes. Watch the video lessons, see me analyze the markets, and make trades that you can easily follow. You can even phone me and ask any question you have about trading. If for any reason you don't think it's the best investment in your education you have ever made, I will refund 100% of your money with no questions asked.

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