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Team CSC Live Daily Trading Room

Learning To Trade Is A Journey
Not A Sprint

There are many educators or “gurus” who talk the talk; very few walk the walk.


However, you won’t see many of them do live, real-time trading every day, for everyone in the room to see. Unfortunately, many of them fake their results.


Come and join me in the live room where I will TEACH you how to trade Futures and Options. The purpose of the trading room is to teach you to how to trade for yourself, not to give trading recommendations. 

Special Limited Time Offer: Sign up now and only pay $129.00 a month forever. So, after your 14-day FREE trial, you will get complete access and save $71.00 a month.

Below is a partial list of what you will learn in the trading room

14-Day Trial To The Room Also

  • I will teach you how to trade Futures the markets which include all the major markets. I trade the Energies, Grains, Meats, Currencies, Financials, and Precious Metals. The trading room opens at 9:00 AM EST and goes for about 60 to 90 minutes. 

  • I swing and position trade Futures and Options. This is not a "day trading" room. If that is what you are looking for then this trading room is not for you.

  • Teach you how to read charts with important technical indicators that can confirm what the markets are likely to do, both near term and long term.

  • Teach you very simple rules-based strategies. No fancy indicators that don't work long term. I will teach you to create your own trading plan. This is probably the most important thing that anyone can teach you.

    Seasonal Trades every month based on the past 10-20 years of history that have a win ratio of at least 80% during that time. Think about that.... A 10 -20 year track record with at least an 80% win rate!


  • You can use whatever software you want to. I use Track-n-Trade Live Futures and you can get a fully operational 14-day FREE trial by clicking HERE. Includes a $50,000 demo account. No credit card is required. 

  • I will teach you to build a solid foundation which is something every successful trader has. Without this, you are not going to be successful.

  • I will teach you to trade with specific rules, not a system. I don't believe in "systems". because I don't think they work, or at least I've never seen one that does. They look good trading "backward" but they don't make money in real-time trading, at least in the long term anyway. I've seen more "system" scams than I can even count. 

  • Every trade placed in the room will be sent out instantly to everyone in case you are not in the room That goes for any changes that I might make, like taking some profits, adding to a position, changing stops, etc.

  • This trading room is for educational purposes only. I do not offer individual investment or trading advice.

  • You will have access to the Trading Journal which shows every trade placed; wins, losses, etc. The journal has actual screenshots of the trade I place, entry point, limit orders, specific option strategy.  It's all on the chart and in the detailed notes. It's all in a Notion Template you will have access to as a Team CSC member.

  • I'm going to give you your own Trading Journal so you can keep up with your own trades. I can tell you that you will learn more about your trading style, why you are doing well, or what you need to change. Once you use a journal you won't ever trade without one again. I've seen Trading Journals sell for $500 that is nowhere as easy or complete as mine and I'm going to give one to you for free even if you only sign up for the 14-day trial.

  • Monthly Subscription: The cost is only $129.00 a month or $1,290.00 a year, but for a limited time you can come and join me in the room every day the markets are open from 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EST: for 50% off! You won't be charged anything until your 14-day trial is over and you can cancel anytime you want to.

  • Special Limited Time: Sign up now and only pay $1,290.00 a year forever. This is like getting two free months every year. 

  • Special Limited Time: Sign up now and pay $5,000.00 one time for lifetime access. 

  • Every day, I record the trading room and you can access the recording 24/7. So if you can't make it every day you can still watch the recording every day.

  • You will also have instant access to ALL the trades placed in the trading room! I give a complete overview of every trade. Entry price, stop and limit orders, or exact strike prices when I buy or sell an option. It's a GREAT educational way to "look over my shoulder" and see how I trade. 

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