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Futures, Options and Candlesticks Courses 
A Live Daily Trading Room And More

David Duty Is One Of The Most
Respected Educators In The Industry

Author of The #1 Rated Course To Learn To Trade
Mentoring Traders Since 1997
Thousands Of Students In 37 Countries
Became a CTA In 2000 - Registered With The NFA & CFTC
Founded His Own Brokerage Firm in 2002
Holds A LIVE Daily Trading Room Every Weekday For Over 10 Years
Live Seminars In The USA, Canada, England, Russia, and Central & South America

Common Sense Commodities
#1 Rated Course To Learn To Trade Commodities

Version 1.0 was first published in 2000 and has gone through over a dozen revisions since then. Version 4.0, if printed, would be over 450 pages making it one of the largest, most complete courses on the market. It now has almost 10 hours of videos. The course is written in an easy-to-understand style making it easy to understand what is being taught. Along with all the videos it really is an A to Z educational experience.


Common Sense Commodities course graphic

Common Sense Options
This Is The Perfect Companion Course To The Commodities Course

Version 1.0 was first Published in 2006 and has gone through over a dozen revisions since then. Version 3.2, is one of the most complete Options courses on the market. It now has almost 10 hours of videos and has option strategies for Bull, Bear, and Flat markets.



The Common Sense Options curse cover image

Common Sense Candlesticks


Finally, there is a course that will teach you the incredible value that Japanese Candlesticks will bring to your trading. 

Japanese traders have been using Candlesticks to trade for several hundred years, but it's only in the last 30 years or so that they have been used in the West. Once you understand them you will never trade with Bar Charts again.

This course will give you a great foundation in learning how to use Japanese Candlesticks. It's an easy-to-understand course with hundreds of graphics, charts, videos, and a quiz at the end of each lesson.

This shows an image of what Three Advancing White Soldiers looks like.
This shows what Tweezer Bottoms look like

100's Of Easy To Understand Graphics

Team CSC - Membership Only
Our Live Daily Trading Room

Over 10 years ago my students ask me to open a LIVE Daily Trading Room, so I did. We call it Team CSC for a very good reason. We're a team, we share trading strategies and review the Currencies, Metals, Energies Financials, Grains & Meats. Come join us and take your knowledge to the next level. Futures & Options are traded every day. All trades in the room are LIVE. One of the few no BS rooms around.

Live trading room graphic showing profits that were made in two days.
This shows past trades that were recorded in my Notion Trading Journal.

A Trading Journal Is A Traders Most Important Asset

Volume & OBV Image.webp

What You'll Learn From
The Volume & OBV Course

As a student, you'll get a few great benefits from learning about Volume.


  • Volume is often overlooked. Volume, once understood, can tell you what the traders are thinking. Are they Bullish or Bearish? Are they selling this market because they think the price is just too high or are they starting to take profits on their long positions?

  • Understanding Volume will also help you understand who is stepping into that market. Are they Sellers or Buyers? Why are they taking that position?

  • Volume can also help you understand if the trend is strong, or is it getting weak. Knowing that alone will keep you in good trades and out of bad ones more often than you might think.

A descriptive image of the trading software in Track-n-Trade

Track-n-Trade Is The ONLY Trading Software I've Used For The Past 20 Years

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