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FAQ & Help

Why Become a Member?
  1. It's been said that "Membership has its privileges" and it's the same thing here too.
  2. There are special Forum Topics and Blogs that will only be available to Members. 
  3. Also, Members will have special advance Notices of Events, Webinars, and Seminars.
  4. Becoming a Member is free (for now anyway). If you have not become a member yet, just click on the MEMBERS area in the header at the top of every page and click "Join". your membership must be approved but is pretty quick. After your membership is approved just click on MEMBERS and then Sign In. You only have to do this once and the site will keep you signed in the next time you visit.
What Are All The Sections Under MEMBERS In The Header At The Top Of Every Page?
An image showing the drop-down menus and how to access them

When you click Profile shown above you will see the screen on the right. Just say something about yourself if you want to. It doesn't have to be a biography, just a line or to.

Then remember to click the Publish box.

What Is My Subscriptions?

This is where you can see anything that you have purchased here at the site or that I may have given you access to if you had purchased a course prior to me putting this site up. All courses are here now.

You can see the date of purchase, how you purchased it and the cost, if it's active, etc.

You can't access any Programs from here. It's just an overview page.

Pretty straightforward.

Descriptive page showing what subscriptions people have access to.

My Programs

This is where you see all the Programs, (courses) that you have purchased or given access to.

Just click on View Course and the course will open for you.

Anytime you want to access your courses in the future, this is how you MUST do it.


Show someone the programs that they have access to.

Forum Comments & Forum Posts

This is where you can see any forum comments or any posts that you have made.

It's a nice way to keep up with Comments and Posts you have made in the Forums.

You can search all Forum posts and comments here also. Really handy.

A comment to this post is at the bottom.

Comments from Blogs won't show here.


Shows someone how to search the forum and different categories in the forum

My Account

This is where you can enter your personal info.

You can see the little lock icon next to some of the fields. You can lock that field so no one else can see it except Admins (ME)

Please update this info for ME so I know who you are. Don't use a cryptic display name if you don't mind. I need to easily know who everyone is so I can add you to courses, "secret" Forum Topics and Blogs.

Pretty straightforward.

Shows someone how the fill out their account information.


If you are like me, you want to control the email, notifications, chats and, announcements that you get.

This is where you control everything that you get or don't get.

Think of it as your control panel.

Shows someone how to set-up their notification settings.
This is an overview of all the various forum at this site


This shows a sample of some of the various Blog post at the site.


This shows a sample of some of the groups in this site.

Groups are special areas that are available for my students to post, discuss, chat, or just ask questions about that specific course. Unless you are part of one of the groups you won't see them listed under your groups.

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