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Japanese Candlesticks Warrior

The All New Common Sense Candlesticks Course

By David Duty, Author of The #1 Rated Course To Learn To Trade.

Japanese merchants (traders at the time) began using Candlesticks over 400 years ago and many people today still acknowledge them as the best traders in history.


I've been an avid user of Candlesticks since the early 2000s and they have literally become one of the most important tools I have. They have saved me from some disastrous trades as well as pointed out some incredibly profitable trades to take, well in advance of any bars or technical analysis tools. Over time, they have become a trusted friend and I would never trade without them.

Have you ever wondered why more traders are using Japanese Candlesticks today than at any time in history? The reason is very simple; they will give you a better trading edge than bar charts.

Price action only tells us what the markets actually did that day. Candlesticks tell us that too, but even more importantly, tell us what the underlying emotions of the market were.

I wondered since Candlesticks tell us what the market did that day PLUS what the underlying emotions of the market were, why wasn't everyone using them? Good question; I needed a good answer and I got one, actually quite a few.

You see, I've been teaching people to trade since 1997 and I have thousands of students in 37 countries but unfortunately, many of them were still using bar charts. This puzzled me so I did a survey and asked them why.

Below are a few of the answers my students gave me about why they weren't using Candlesticks.

  • They didn't know how to use them.

  • They had read some books or watched videos but said they were either too simple or so far above their head, that they didn't understand them.

  • They said they didn't really trust what the Candlestick patterns were supposed to be telling them.

These answers didn't surprise me at all so I got to work writing a new course.

If you've never taken any of my other courses, then you know that they are easy to read and understand. They are full of charts, graphics, quizzes, and videos to make sure you completely understand what is being taught.


My first course Common Sense Commodities was rated the #1 course on the market to learn to trade commodities. My goal is to make Common Sense Candlesticks the #1 course to learn to trade Japanese Candlesticks.

This course was written with two types of traders in mind; those that don't know a Candlestick from a fence post, and those who feel like they know something about them but really want to get an extensive understanding of how and why they work so well. Both types of traders will benefit from this course.

Certain Candlestick patterns are considerably more important than others. I will focus on them with 100's of in-depth examples using graphics, charts, quizzes, and videos. I won't just show you what they look like on a chart, that's easy, but I'm going to explain to you what they mean, how to trade them, and the underlying psychology of the market behind them. 

Now you might be wondering how I learned to trade using Japanese Candlesticks and that's a fair question. I'm glancing over at my bookshelf and I counted eight different books and several courses (dating back to VHS days, pre-2000). I've been to numerous seminars and I co-hosted a seminar with Steve Nison in Atlanta. Steve is the man who brought Candlesticks to the West and is responsible for having Candlestick charts on every charting software program on the market. And, more importantly, I've been trading with Japanese Candlesticks since the early 2000s.

It took me years of study, not to mention a lot of money, to learn what I know about Candlesticks. I use them on every trade I place. After taking this course, I think you will agree with me that Bars are boring and Candles are exciting and will light the way to some highly profitable trades.

When I first decided to write this course, I thought I could complete it in a couple of months. I was wrong, very wrong. It's taken me over 10 months to complete it. Even so, I will continue to add more explanations, graphics, charts, quizzes, and videos as time goes by.

What's in the course?:

  • Crystal Clear Graphics Everywhere: I spent several hundred hours creating graphics that show you what every Candlestick and Candlestic Pattern looks like. It makes everything very easy to understand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these graphics are like I wrote the biggest book ever written. They really are that good!

  • Candlestick Construction: How and why Candles are constructed, and how they will visually tell you what the traders are thinking. (two lessons & two videos)

  • The Mighty Doji: This is the most powerful single Candlestick and it's an incredibly helpful way to anticipate possible trend reversals. There are several kinds of Doji and each one tells a different story. They are my favorite Candlesticks. (Five Lessons and five videos)

  • The Primary Reversal Patterns: There are many Candlestick patterns that give you advance notification when the market might reverse. These patterns can advise you when you might want to lock in profits or take a position when the trend reverses. (42 lessons, Over 60 videos,  200+ quizzes, and a slide show presentation)

  • Continuation Patterns: Candles are known for their uncanny ability to give you advance notice of potential reversal signals, but In this chapter, I'm going to show you five Candlestick Continuation Patterns. This can keep you in a profitable trade rather than getting out and missing out on a lot more profits. (5 lessons, 20+ quizzes, and 5 videos)

  • The Best Candles To Trade: Not all Candlesticks and Candlestick patterns are created equal. I'm going to show you the very best ones to trade and exactly how you should trade them. From now on you will start seeing these patterns on every chart you look at. (6 lessons, quizzes, and 10 videos)

  • Using Technical Analysis With Candles: This is one of the best chapters in the course. You have probably been using technical analysis like support, resistance, and trendlines for as long as you have been trading. This chapter is going to show you how to use all the technical analysis skills you probably already know, but add Candlesticks to them. This is the best of both worlds. You won't believe how much this chapter will help you. (6 lessons and 6 videos, lots of graphics and quizzes.)

  • Setting Targets: I'll be upfront and tell you that Candles, on their own, don't do a good job of telling you where the market is going. They do a great job of telling you when markets could reverse or continue to go up or down though. I'm going to show you how to tie Technical Analysis and set targets along with Candlesticks. It's a very powerful combination. (7 lessons, 7 videos, quizzes, and a whole lot of charts.)

  • Using Indicators and Oscillators With Candles: We should all know the importance of using Volume and Open Interest. Most traders are using two or more oscillators, like RSI, Momentum, Stochastics, or CCI but I'm going to show you how to use Candles right alongside the major indicators. I'm going to show you how to use Moving Averages and Fibonacci with Candles too. I've included my course on Volume and Open Interest for free! (6+ lessons and 6+ videos. (A $99.00 value).

  • Every Lesson Has Its Own Quiz:

I firmly believe a course is not complete unless it has quizzes for each lesson. This way, you are able to make certain that you fully understand what's in that lesson.


  • No Fluff:
    I will not waste your time with needless "fluff". I promise that I will be direct and to the point in all my lessons and videos. If you have ever taken any of my other courses then you know that I have an easy-to-understand and straightforward way of teaching. I hate courses and books that take 10 pages to explain something that can be easily covered in just a few paragraphs. It's a waste of your time and makes it boring. 


  • You Will Never Trade The Same Way Again:

The course will change the way you trade. From now on when you open a chart, these candlestick patterns will leap out at you. They will alert you to trading opportunities that you might not otherwise see. Not only that it will show you how to know when to take profits or when to stay out of that market. 

My 14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Order the course today, and get instant access. I know you will see how much it will improve your trading but if you are not completely satisfied with the course for any reason, I will give you a 100% refund with no questions asked. It's a risk-free opportunity for you.

Bonus #1: 

The Volume & Open Interest Course - A $99.00 Value Included For Free

Bonus #2: 

Full access to my Live Daily Trading Room For 30 Days - A $129.90 Value For Free


Order Now - Only $295.00 and includes the bonuses too!

Risk Disclosure

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